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If you are an owner of a business, you will do anything and everything you can to advertise and attract new customers while keeping your loyal customers interested. This can include quite a few tactics, which includes different kinds of marketing campaigns, regular social media activity, having a store sale, or promote new products. One thing many business owners often forget about is the building where the actual business is done! Is your business leaving a positive impression? Are customers saying things like, “This is a gorgeous office”, or “I love the choices of paint color in here!”? If they aren’t, then it may be a good idea to consider a new makeover with a coat of paint for your commercial property.

One of the most vital aspects of owning a business is being able to stand out from the competition. If people can recognize your business, you have your foot in the door! If you’ve got a decrepit, out-of-date, and boring exterior, people who visit your business are not very likely to remember you, or even identify you’re there if they are potential customers. Think about all the business you are possibly missing out on for the simple fact that potential customers aren’t spotting you! That is only the exterior. If visitors are turned off by your choice of interior decor, that is pushing possible returning customers away. People love an amazing, memorable experience! If you own a restaurant that serves delicious food but has outdated booths that are falling apart and walls with faded interior colors, the food might not be enough to keep customers coming or give them an initiative to recommend your restaurant to other people.

There is a budget-friendly and quick way to refresh your commercial building and that is with a new coat of paint! By using inviting, bright colors, that will catch people’s attention and makes them inquisitive to see what your business has to offer. That curiosity turns from potential customers into long-term regulars!

Whites can give a building a clean and fresh look, but there is a great chance your building won’t be the only white one on the block.

Blues are quite calming, but also very thought-provoking. If you are an owner of a spa or deciding on opening one, a light blue can give people the illusion of a relaxed day on the beach. Bookstores can also benefit from darker blues.

Oranges, reds, and yellows will catch one’s eye, but you will still want to be cautious on how you use these colors. Orange or pale yellow can be inviting, brighter yellows can detract customers. Brighter oranges can grant inspiration and creativity. Reds appeal to basic needs and instincts, such as hunger so red is perfect for a restaurant.

Browns and greens can convey an earthy appeal but still be selective with these colors. If you’re the owner of a women’s clothing store, brown probably will not appeal to the women since these colors are more masculine. Green is associated with wealth so it’s great for financial service businesses.

If you notice that traffic to your business has slowed or you’re looking to attract new customers with an updated look, paint is the way to go! At Flora Brothers’ Painting, we offer an extensive list of commercial painting services. Our service comes with the Flora Brother’s guarantee of quality & professionalism for every project we take on. So, what are you waiting for? New customers are waiting to find you – and we’re here to help!

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