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We are in the middle of winter, this means that most homeowners put off any outdoor home improvement projects until the warmer weather returns. Colder temperatures between 35 degrees and 50 degrees Fahrenheit can absolutely wreak havoc on any exterior paint job. That doesn’t exactly mean that all winter painting projects must be put off. Flora Brothers Painting has compiled a list of Winter Painting Tips for the homeowner who can’t wait until the next season to have their interior painted. Here is Winter Painting Tip #1.

Painting in Winter Effects Your Spending Budget

When deciding on a new interior painting job, keep in mind that these are the coldest months of the year and you are liable to spend more. During this season, you will be required to keep the area well-ventilated which means windows are opened to aid in dissipating the paint fumes. If you have your heat turned on, it will substantially increase home energy costs. This is one Winter Painting Tip.

Shortened Drying Time

During winter, paint dries faster because of the lack of humidity even though the air is cooler. We recommend started early enough during this colder season so you there is no worries about an increase in heating bills. Exterior painting is a little tricky during the winter months since moisture sets overnight and other natural elements can take a toll of the painted surface. Trying to paint over moisture can cause it to become trapped and ultimately ruins the longevity of the paint job. This is another Winter Painting Tip.

Timing Does Matter

Another Winter Painting Tip we recommend is painting between the hours of 10 AM and 2 PM. Night time comes earlier in the winter months and when the surface temperature and air temperature drops, the paint will take longer to dry and may cause issues with the appearance. Professional painters will stop painting a couple of hours before the sun sets so the paint will adhere to the surface properly and there is enough drying time.

Store Paint Where It’s Warm

Cold paint does not coat well and then you end up needing more paint than expected if it’s stored where low temperatures wreak havoc. The paint can also freeze or become clumpy when temperatures drop low enough. To prevent this, you can fill a large bowl with warm water and then submerge the paint can halfway into the bowl. Refill the bowl with warm water periodically so the paint can stay at a consistent temperature.

Refresh Your Home and Mind

The winter months can be a depressing, gloomy time of the year. Many experts acclaim that adding a touch of new color to your home can be positive for your mind. Create an accent wall or repaint your ceiling if you don’t feel like going all out. Not only does it refresh your home but it can brighten the homeowner’s spirits although the daylight hours are shorter.

Many homeowners prefer to schedule painting jobs during warmer seasons. For more help with interior painting or any other winter painting projects, contact Flora Brothers Painting in Indianapolis, Indiana at (317) 447-5227 or visit us online www.florabrotherspainting.com.

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