• Bathroom Painting
Because a bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in a home, you want to make sure that any paint job you put on the walls is meant to protect and enhance the looks of the room. Therefore, it is important to know what to do to safeguard the look.

A Higher Moisture Content

Unlike other rooms in a house, the bathroom has a higher concentration of humidity. Each time you turn on the shower or sink, you are adding to the moisture content. Consequently, mildew is frequently found in bathrooms. Any extra moisture can wreak havoc on a bathroom’s paint. However, don’t despair as there are measures you can take.

What You Can Do to Increase the Life of Paint

For instance, certain paints are specially designed to withstand high levels of humidity. When your bathroom is painted, make sure a high-quality latex paint is used. Mildew-resistant paints are also available. Some of the mildew-resistant brands also feature a zero-VOC benefit. Paints of this type are usually low-odor paints which contain additives that inhibit the growth of mold. Also, before paint is applied, make sure you prime the wall’s surface, which will ensure the longevity of the color.

Increase the Ventilation

To protect the paint in the bathroom, you also need to increase the airflow. Increased ventilation can eliminate any accumulation of moisture from the bath or shower. You can boost the airflow by opening a window or using an exhaust fan or ceiling fan. After you take a shower, run the fan for about an hour. Doing so will eliminate the moisture and steam, and therefore protect the paint.

Stop the Cycle of Peeling

Paint peels more easily in rooms with a high moisture content because the moisture seeps between a wall’s surface and the paint on the wall. Moisture can also seriously damage walls and ceilings. If you spot any peeling, address the problem immediately. Peeling paint only results in the paint peeling more. Therefore, to stop the cycle, you need to remove the peeling paint quickly and properly and re-paint the area.

Hire Professional Painters

When applying bathroom paint, it is generally better to use the services of professional painters. Not only can they recommend the right covering for your walls, but they also know how to apply the paint so that it will last longer. One of the key ways you can protect a bathroom paint job is to hire professionals to do the job.

Use the Right Paint

As long as you have good ventilation and use the right paint, you will keep the paint on your wall in tip-top condition. Make sure the paint you use is designed for more humid areas of the house. That way, you can ensure that the paint will perform better overall.

If you follow the above measures, you should not have to repaint your bath for at least another five years. To update the look of your bath, you should plan on painting it every five years for the best impact.

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