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Can I Paint My Kitchen Cabinets?

If you decide to ask someone who doesn’t show much interest in painting kitchen cabinets, he or she may just give a basic answer such as: “Sure, go ahead. They’re your cabinets.” Hopefully, the individual you chose to get advice from knows what they are doing and will guide you on the right path to achieve a high-quality paint job on your cabinets. It’s essential that you get this right the first time, especially if you are changing from a color on one end of the dark/light scale to a color on the other end of the scale.

Another important piece of advice comes from an individual experienced in redecorating and remodeling. She suggests that you will want to get it right simply because it is not the type of task you will want to take on two or three times. With this advice firmly in mind, there are a few great ideas that could keep you from making mistakes and help you get the job completed on the first try.


When you want to change the look of your kitchen cabinets, it is essential that you use good paint. In other words, don’t buy cheap paint. Spend a few extra dollars to get a smooth finish that will cover well. If you are doing this yourself, pay a bit more for your materials. Some companies offer a specific paint intended for use on kitchen cabinets. Look into that for sure.

Before you apply the first brush to the wood, use a hand vacuum and even a slightly damp cloth to remove any and all dust from the surfaces. If you don’t take this step seriously, you will have a gritty look on your cabinets that will cause you to start all over. Don’t take the chance.

Another outstanding piece of advice when it comes to kitchen cabinets or any home project for that matter involves patience and a steady pace. If you want to do this job accurately, you will remove the cabinets and use a mid-range or lighter sandpaper to give the surfaces a buffing. Don’t try to get down to the wood. Take your time to get a smooth coat of paint on, including a prime coat, then wait for the paint to be completely dry.

Be Realistic

Your expectations will be one battle you will probably have with a kitchen cabinet painting project. Painting cabinets that were stained wood originally can be a challenge unless you follow every step carefully. You shouldn’t expect to have showroom quality if this is the only time you have attempted the project. Be sure to allow plenty of time from start to finish.

As one designer noted, you do not want to start this on a lazy Sunday afternoon and expect to use the cabinets the next day. Allow yourself four days or more to do this correctly. In preparation for this job, remove the doors and hardware and do your best to label the pieces so they go back in the same places. You will be glad you did.

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