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How to dress up your front entry for Halloween

Turning your home into haunted grounds is a fun way of keeping up with the spooky spirit of the holiday. It is also a great way to involve children with the upkeep of the home. Watching playing videos is an amazingly educational choice for your kids but it is also important that you spend time bonding with them in activities like this. Making your home spooky enough is harder than coming up with a Halloween costume. You have to be imaginative enough and do more than the usual skulls and bones. Turn your home into a skin tingly experience this Halloween season with these simple items.

Painting for Halloween

Use colors to achieve the haunted effect. Paint the door maroon or a bright red. Luminous green can also mark the door out as one hiding a bag of tricks and treats.

Halloween Front Door Painting

Flowers and plants that make the best decorations for Halloween

Flowers and pumpkins are ideal for decorating the front entrance. Paint the pumpkins black and draw scary faces on them with chalkboard white paint. You can also make faces on the pumpkins using a sharp knife. Arrange the pumpkins on the steps at the front entrance with the scary faces giving a welcome.

Add some flowers to the arrangement. Place fall mums on the pumpkins, or make faux bushes with the flowers, and the pumpkins peeking out.

Halloween Pumpkins-Flowers Decor

Creepy drapes

Tattered cheesecloth hung on the porch can give a creepy welcome. Take cheesecloth draperies, rip and tatter them in places. For an aged look, soak the cheesecloth in a bucket of tea overnight. You can staple the tattered strips to the wood using a staple gun, and tack the cheesecloth on the porch overhangs.

Broken glass

Add some intrigue and a hint of danger by faking broken glass on the windows. Frozen contact paper can work very well. Stick some on the glass and cut away jagged shapes on the contact paper with a sharp razor.

Painted skulls

Turn up the spookiness by hanging skulls from the porch ceiling. Why hang one when you can hang several? Get a handful of skulls from the Halloween section at the store and spray paint some of them black, and others luminous green. Take a rope and attach the skulls with double sided tape such that the skulls bunch up on top of each other.

Halloween Garden Decorations

Creatures of the dead

Haunted grounds will not be complete without creatures of the night, crawlies and some harbingers of bad news. Owls, vultures, scorpions, bats and wolves add to the dramatic effect. Line up some owls on the porch railings, and hang a vulture at the door. Skeleton bats can be hung in the rips you made in the cheesecloth. A full sized skeleton acting watchman at the door will complete the look of a spooky home.

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