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Tips for Decorating Your Home with Fall Colors

The days of Fall Colors are here with oranges, yellows, & beautiful reds glowing during the day and longer nights. It is a season to go with the subtly darker cooler tones. Soft earthy tones and neutrals are the season’s hues. You can opt to give some rooms or parts of the house a splash of these colors to go with the toned down mood. These darker hues can be incorporated in the existing décor theme instead of doing a whole makeover.

Fall Center Piece Painting

Best spaces to accent

You can set a dramatic entry by painting, with fall colors, the hallway and the spaces connected to it, a strong central color that get softer as you go deeper into the house. This gives you a freer hand in the paint scheme for the other spaces.

Colorful accents can be added to rooms to give a sparkle to spaces that become gradually darker as the daylight gets softer. Stairs are good for painting in bold autumn colors. Painting the risers can also cover scuff marks.


Getting a fall theme right is a bit tricky as you have to strike a balance between bright summer colors that have not completely gone away, and the cool tones that in the darkening days and longer nights. Try these themes that promise this balance;

Exotic culture

The colors here are copper and red. Use copper for the larger spaces. Make red outlines for example red framing a painting. A soft golden hue on the walls will tone down the brighter reds and oranges of the summer that you are yet to replace. So when looking to pick up new pieces to bring into your home for fall look into floor to ceiling custom draperies from providers similar to United Decorators. If you wanted to introduce those colors to your fall home having elements of your design custom made can give you more creative control over the look of your home.

A rusty mix between copper and red will add an Asian inspiration to the rooms. Use subtly on the smaller spaces of the wall for example between large curtains.


Use bronze on the ceiling, as an accent wallpaper, or even as an accent wall to give a calm formal tone. Bronze is elegant and subtle, transforming your house into a cool retreat.


The colors here are earthy: chocolate, brown and beige. These are inviting colors giving a bit of warmth to the cool days. Beige can be on the walls while you can use chocolate brown on furniture and other accessories. Use light brown on the book shelves and the fireplace. Light tan or soft white can be used on the baseboards.

Red and orange

A splash of red on accessories like the bed headboard and the bedside nightstands gives a sensual hint. Use orange to add some vibrancy to the cooler earth browns. You may also be interested in some bedding to decorate your bedroom, I like these styles from Vision Bedding, these styles are great and go with a great colour scheme!

Fall Colors Bedroom Painting


Paint deep brown on the cabinets or staircase handrails. Wine colors can emit a sense of elegance, relaxation, and can also be a whole lot of fun!

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