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Proper Steps To Completing A Successful Kitchen Remodel

According to a Remodeling magazine, a proper kitchen remodeling can add to the value of a home by as much $40,000. Following proper remodeling steps you can have a good jobs cost a half of this, or even save more. So what can you do to have a proper kitchen remodeling job?

Proper design

Start with the layout, keep it simple but sleek. It is better to keep gas, electricity and plumbing lines intact. This means that it would be better to replace the sink but not move its position; if you do require to make adjustments or repairs to your kitchen’s plumbing pipes and you’re located in Sydney, you could contact Fast Plumbers. It will also avoid paperwork delays as relocating gas lines requires a permit, if you were to change pipe locations you’ll want to make sure it is done correctly and professionally otherwise it won’t be too soon until you’re looking at Melbournes best plumbers for emergencies for example.

Decide on a suitable theme to fit your layout. For example you may decide on a scandinavian design for your home, in which case this will give you an idea of the materials needed so that you can have them prepared in time.

Kitchen Remodel

Estimate the scope of work

If you are not doing the remodeling yourself, the contractor you hire will charge according to the scope of work. Having a clear scope of work means that there are no budget overruns from changes done during the course of the work. An example of a simple and clear scope of work would be; replace flooring, cabinets and sink, or replace counter top and sink, drywall, painting and lighting.

If you are unclear on what you need, talk to the interior designer to give you a clear scope of work according to the design you choose.

Choose the right contractor

After getting your scope of work correct, look around for a contractor. The best way is to have recommendations from good jobs that you have seen. This way, you have proof of good workmanship. Go for at least 3 price quotes. Choose the best contractor not necessarily going for the lowest, but the one who has most value like warranty on work, referrals, and quality of materials used. Have the contractor come and do an assessment of the work so as to do material cost estimates.

Tip: Call your local Chamber of Commerce to ask for a local reputable contractor.

Select the materials

Do not be afraid to shop for the materials. Start online for ideas on cost and variety. Walk around hardware stores, ask for prices and if there are more cost-effective materials when comparing one versus another. Compare what you have and what the contractor was charging to determine if you would like him to handle the whole job. Shopping yourself assures you of quality and savings, while depending on the contractor could save you time and the hassle. However, choosing your own interior decoration can ensure that it meets your theme. If you’re thinking of upgrading your doors, it might be worth shopping around yourself to see if you can find some good deals on any Solid Internal Doors to make your kitchen look more modern. When renovating the kitchen, new doors can finish the job off effectively.

*Pro Tip: Most contractors prefer to purchase all the supplies & materials themselves.

Get involved in the work

Lend a helping hand when needed. It helps you keep an eye on things while not appearing too overbearing.

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