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What colors to Paint the Exterior of My Indianapolis Home?

First impressions matter. The exterior look of your house says a lot about the whole home and its owner. Unfortunately, most homeowners go about painting their exteriors the wrong way largely due to wrong choice in paint and paint color(s). There are several issues that come into play when planning for exterior painting; the architecture of the house, the surroundings, the climate of the area, and the building material among others. For the perfect look, all these have to be balanced. Budgeting issues are to be considered too, of course. If you have any queries about budgeting issues then you may want to check out mortgage comparison websites in order for you to find the best deal such as Money Expert. After you have bought your property, you can start looking at decorating the property which is so exciting! So how can you get the perfect paint for your home’s exterior? You can do this by reading the tips below, however before checking out these tips, you may want to make sure that you are financially stable, checking out a guarantor loan comparison site might help you find the best deal.

Architectural style

The exterior paint scheme should match the architectural style and era of the house. If the style is Victorian go with a color that says laid back old class. You would not go about painting this kind of house in desert or southwest theme. This would be out of place.

Lighting and visual effects

How much light does the house get during the day and where does it shine on most? Consider having lighter shade for places receiving most light and darker shade for less lit areas. Also consider the placement of the house in relation to the surrounding; does it stand in middle of a forested area, or some distance from the street? How well do you want it to stand out? You can have the right visual effect by balancing dark and light hues. If you’re not going to be doing the lighting yourself, consider getting reputable Electrical Contractors in to do the job for you.

Consider permanent fixtures

Some home fixtures cannot be easily changed including roofing, tiles, pathways, driveways and stonework. Consider the color of these fixtures and plan your colors around them. If they are warm like brown, or beige or cool like beige or black, consider hues that are harmonious.

Choose 2 or 3 shades

An exterior should have at least 2-3 shades. There is the dominating siding color which is on most of the surface. There is the accent color for smaller area like doors, and shutters. The trim color is used to outline objects like railings, door and window casings, roof edgings and other trim work.

*Pro Tip: If you have an HOA ALWAYS have your colors approved prior to painting!


The siding and trim colors should contrast. If your siding color is bold a trim color like white or cream stands out very well. A light filed color like rust goes well with dark trimming hues like navy blue.

If you are still stuck for ideas after doing all these considerations, consider asking for expert opinion. Most paint sellers will have a color expert to help you with planning for exterior painting.

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Here is a helpful tool to help you select colors for the exterior painting of your home.


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