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How to Do Simple Drywall Repairs

Many drywall repairs are quite simple, involving only embedding popped nails, filling dents and patching holes. A drywall joint compound along with simple tools is all you will need. Minor flaws like small nail holes and dents, you can repair by sanding the area clean then filling it with a vinyl compound. If however, it looks like you might need professional help with your home improvement project, then there’s no shame in seeking out a contractor like Kubau-Kiel. For now though, let’s discuss some quick DIY solutions.

Fixing holes in drywall

Just as it easy to make a hole in a drywall, it is easy to repair it. It is quite cheap to repair, if you would like to make more savings on your business then you can make them by making savings on your bills like utility bills by using a Utility Bidder, making savings is important like repairing a drywall easily. To start, first use a hammer to slightly dent the surface and create a void. Proceed to clean it using a sponge and dampen. Apply a vinyl spackling compound using a 3-inch putty knife. If the hole is considerably large, there are two things you could do. Firstly, you could use an expanding urethane foam to fill the hole. Spray a small amount into the hole and let if expand. Cut it back just slightly deeper than the wall and then use the vinyl spackling compound (or ‘filler’ as it’s also known) to fill it flush with the existing wall. Alternatively, you could replace the damaged area with a piece of drywall of equal thickness. Drywall repair kits are available for larger or deeper holes. These often come with metal clips that help support a replacement piece or suspends itself in place while it’s covered with joint compound. You can use a utility knife, jab saw or saber saw to cut the drywall into a rectangular shape that fits the patch.

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Fixing drywall cracks

Hairline cracks on a drywall, especially at the top corners of doors and windows, are often an indication of a frame that has moved or shifted. The good news is that fixing cracks is easy.

Drywall Crack

    1. Widen the crack in the drywall using a utility knife with a sharp edge such that the crack has a V-shape that will accept the compound more readily.
    2. Spread the joint compound over the groove with a broad-bladed putty knife ensuring that the area is filled and that it covers 1-2 inches on either side & smooth it.
    3. Apply fibra-mesh or drywall joint tape over the groove
    4. Cover the tape with a second layer of joint compound using a 5-inch drywall knife. Allow it to dry.
    5. Use a fine sandpaper to smooth the area then repaint the drywall for a truly seamless repair.

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Drywall repairs aren’t that difficult as long as you can master the basics. With this blog, you should be able to repair popped nails, drywall cracks and fix drywall holes

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