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What Colors Should We Paint Our Business Offices?

Believe it or not, the colors you choose to paint your business office can have a dramatic impact on your clients, and visitors as well, believe it or not, it won’t just be the color and the aesthetic of your walls and interior that will have an impact, it will also be the materials you choose to build from, how professional it looks when it’s been done and so forth, as an example of such, you could have a look into these corporate wall panels created by an interior finish company. There is so much you can do for your business though, for example, you could just take a look at getting cheaper business energy through someone like Simply Switch. There are so many other things that need to be considered when it comes to your business. For example, making sure you have the right business security camera systems installed is a something that more and more business have started putting into place. This is a great way to make people feel safer in their working environment. However, when it comes to your business appearance, the first thing that clients will notice is the colors. The effects are both instinctive and subliminal, and they can either create a good or bad impression of your business. The colors in your office should go hand in hand with the type of business you conduct. The moment your office door is opened, judgment is made and your image is projected. Choosing the right office colors can ensure that a good perception of your business is given. The colors you choose should also be reflected in the Office Supplies you pick for the office. Fortunately, there are many different colorways that are available.

Office Interior Painting

General office space

Natural colors such as beiges and creams, combined with wood grain finishes help create a sophisticated and refined look, and are more popular with corporate and more serious types of businesses such as financial advisors, lawyers, accountants and lawyers. These colors can however come off as dull and staid as well as safe and boring.

Painting Reception Area

Blue on the other hand is a great choice for the above types of businesses as it denotes confidence, security, conservatism, wisdom, loyalty and honesty. Being a calming color, green suggests growth and money while dark green is often an indication of prestige and wealth, hence its popularity among corporate businesses. The effect of these colors can be balanced by accessorizing with a little of complementary color such as red with green or orange with blue.

Burgundy, dark green and navy blue often serve to give clients of corporate a message of confidence, control and responsibility. It should however be noted that not every business will benefit by using colors that are good for corporate business. To ensure you choose the right office color, you will need to factor several things including the type of business you’re promoting, the gender of your clients, the cultural background as well as their age.

Colors for the reception area

Your visitors should feel welcome when they come into your reception area. Great color options to use here include a soft yellow which will is cheerful or a muted orange such as peach which is positive and welcoming. A soft coral color or pink is a great option for the reception area if your business is a beauty salon as your clients will get the impression that they will be pampered. Blue or green with a touch of pink is a good option for a waiting room for a doctor or dentist.


Training and lecture rooms

Turquoise helps calm nerves of the speakers, and so is appropriate for walls in training and lecture rooms. It is considered the color of mass communication and creativity. Painting yellow on the wall in front of those participating in the training helps them retain what they learn.

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